Did you know rodents are able to chew through crawl spaces and find vulnerable point in your structure and foundation?

Did you know rodents can be on your roof? A leaky gutter caused a soft place on this roof which gave the rodents a way into the house.

Is your roof a resting place for pigeons? We can help keep the birds away!

Do you see that red box? That is what the other pest control technicians are doing to fix your rodent problems. Not us!

Do you have exposed pipes under your house? Sewer rats love to live in these.

Rodents can live anywhere including overhangs on you roof.

Most of the time when holes for washer and dryer piping are cut, they are cut to large. This allows rodents to come in from the outside of your home.

Did you know skunks can move your screens on your crawl space? If crawl spaces are not sealed correctly you could find yourself living with a new roommate.

Rats are able to swim through piping which could allow them to access your home through in a way that you wouldn't expect

Rodents like to be warm. Electrical outlets are a great source of heat for them and a way they can come into your home.

If you have work done under your home, make sure these entries are sealed completely after usage.

Trust us with all of your pest needs. We specialize in pest prevention and will go the extra mile to make sure these pests will not return.