Pests Left a Mess in Your Attic

Our attic clean-out services will erase every last trace in the Rosemead, CA area

The rodent infestation in your attic might be over, but the animals still left their mark. Your attic is littered with chewed building materials and rodent waste.

If you try to handle your attic clean-out yourself, you'll have to deal with but disease-spreading:

  • Droppings
  • Urine
  • Saliva

Instead of trying to clean all that up alone, you can leave your attic clean-out project to Clean Slate Pest Control. We'll trap any remaining animals and clean and disinfect your attic. We'll even replace damaged materials like insulation. Call 213-610-8012 now to arrange for thorough cleaning services.

Why rely on Clean Slate Pest Control?

Why rely on Clean Slate Pest Control?

We take attic clean-out jobs seriously. Most homes have had rats, have rats or will have them someday, so combatting them is very important.

We'll remove every rodent and every piece of nesting or waste that might draw them back to your property. We'll even offer one-year warranty on your services. To prevent them from entering your home in the first place, you can also ask us about our preventive pest control services. Reach out to us for attic clean-out services you can count on.

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