Rodent Trapping

Rodent Trapping

Get rid of your rodent problem right away.

Rodent Proofing

Rodent Proofing

Keep mice, birds and bats out of your home.

Rodent Clean

Rodent Clean

Clean up the mess rodents have left behind.

Joey helped us figure out the issue we've been hearing in our walls for over a year. Termites! We thought it was rodents. Clean Slate was the third company to come out while the other two gave up on us and couldn't figure it out. After confirming the attic was sealed right, he went under the house and searched every inch. He provided video of the termites. Thanks so much, Joey, for following up after the initial visit and for helping us troubleshoot. Now we just need to get rid of them!!

- Heather S.

Free Your Home of Invasive Critters

Ask about rodent control services in Rosemead, San Gabriel & Pasadena, CA and surrounding areas

Have unwelcomed visitors moved into your home? Tired of hearing scampering in your attic at night? Reach out to Clean Slate Pest Control. We provide rodent control and other wildlife control services in Rosemead, San Gabriel & Pasadena, CA and surrounding areas.

You can contact us for services like:

Rodent trapping 

Rodent proofing

Rodent clean-up

Wildlife trapping

Attic clean out, restoration & decontamination

Once we’ve removed all the rodents you have in your home, our team will inspect the perimeter of your property and rodent-proof possible entry points. We also offer attic and garage clean-up services to remove any evidence of rodents in your home.

Call 213-610-8012 today to get a free quote on our pest and rodent control services. We’re available 24/7. Click through to our HomeAdvisor page to see why we're one of the highest rated companies in your area for pest control.

Why should you hire us?

In California, rats are the #1 pest problem. If you need rodent control services, you can trust the experts at Clean Slate Pest Control to handle your pest problem. We provide comprehensive wildlife control services in Rosemead, San Gabriel & Pasadena, CA and surrounding areas. Reach out to us today because we’re:

  • Professional—we’re fully licensed with the California Department of Wildlife, and we offer a one-year warranty on our work.
  • Experienced—our owner has been working in the pest and rodent control industry for years and is very knowledgeable.
  • Thorough—we’ll make sure your home is rodent-free, completely clean and protected against future infestation.


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